Yeah this is one of those ki threads so deal with it
Im 17 now, when I first found out about these things like these invisible energys I never knew I had I pretty much flipped out I was 12 when i first stumbled across something on the internet. Of course then i figured i was on the road to becoming a super saiyan aha but yet here i am still wondering what exactly is it and what is the full extent of its power. Ill usually look into it every once and a while when im bored some nights and tonight I came across some very long study.
I find so many mixed opinions on this its really hard to fine actual facts about things. Yes I can feel it in my hands or anywhere in my body if I concentrate. Yeah i went through the whole "ball" making phase and although its silly I can certainly control concentration and focus a little better. ANYWHOOO.. Basically what im wondering is if there is any, what can I gain from this. How can i use it to better myself and my life? I mean ive been messing aroudn with it for 5 years now so im just kind of curious to know the extent of this? I dunno if ki is used in reiki or whats the deal with that. But im looking for some way to apply it to my martial arts if at all possible. Lol hope i didnt miss anything.