I think there is a failure to understand or comprehend our customs and societal norms that get people into trouble with us…or is seen as belligerent. The SCA heavy weapons culture is one based on honor, prowess and “ chivalric codes” If….. people talk the talk, then its expected in the SCA that one can walk the walk or will be able to prove it.

In fact tonight is Tuesday and I’ll be going to practice in which I’ll go dish out some pain and get some in return… at least twice a week others and I do this. Understand twice a week I get my bell rung! Much more as war nears…it’s a counter culture in its truest form… It’s a medieval fight club.

Again, our norms are based off of prowess, its not who has been at the dojo the longest but who can put the smack down on who. The best of us are Dukes and Knights. We love challenges and fighting.

Once again our love of a good fight “especially with people whom consider us inept when it comes to blade fighting.” Is seen as belligerent to the unitiated....

Is this really belligerent? NOT SO! Remember ours is a society based of prowess with the clear understanding if one has objections to technique, tactics or strategy one is called on to demonstrate the measure of their words.

CXT …sword fighting is sword fighting…I have sparred Kendoka, Escrima practitioners and college fencers…all could compete. And I’ll be honest with you from what I’ve seen on the internet when it comes to eastern sword arts (other than national organizations of kendoka and fencers) IMO….. a LARP enthusiast has better skill with a blade…

No competition equals no skill! The MMA guys have been saying that to the world of traditionalist for years now. We (the heavy SCA fighters) have heard all the arguments yet no one enters our lists to show us the way.

CXT….You sound to smart to float “my art is too dangerous that its not able to adapt to sport” Why not come sparr with us…the use of force factor is so high because of our amour, it would allow you to crank it up!

And I’ll love to shoot holes in the “The SCA doesn’t allow for grappling” cause we do and will……. Its not preferred BECAUSE WE ARE FIGHTING WITH WEAPONS and hence PREFER TO TRAIN the USE of “SAID WEAPON” to FIGHT!

CXT and pgsmith you both could and should come out. For once you walk within our walls you will see us in a different light.

People who don’t walk within our walls most assuredly get weighed, measured and found wanting…. I’ve never seen the opposite….

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