The problem here is that you didn't actually read the back and forth and just picked a line out of context to object to.......I said nothing even remotely what you think I did.....the CONTEXT was much different than the snippet you found so objectionable.

And BTW, you were reading a ANSWER to somebody else---so your a couple of itterations out of the loop.

So again, your context is off.

And had you taken the time to actually read the discussion you would find that was very much AGAINST people bashing SCA in any fashion....and very SUPPORTIVE of those defending it......but again, you would have had to actually read the discussion to find that out.

The ONLY "hostility" here is YOURS.

"why not come and compete"

We were talking about matching and armor---my point was that people training in very different "rules" if you will, are going to find it VERY hard to match fairly.......if you want to "compete" under what rules do you plan to use?


Well lets see I spend 1000's of hours training to do stuff your rules might not let me do---so I have start pulling/changing my techniques to suit YOU...and you think that is fair?

Or mine---now YOUR the guy that probably has to change his practice to conform to my rules.

Either way---not what I would call "fair" match.

As PGSmith pointed out above most koryu folks simply are not into the competitve thing---for all sorts of reasons.

You also provided and excellent example of what I was trying to explain to the first poster---why SCA gets bashed some times......because some SCA'ers are quite belligerent and seemingly go around LOOKING for stuff to object to---even if they have to essentially INVENT a problem by ignoreing the context of a discussion to do it....and that, IMO, reflects poorly on SCA in general.

Hopefully he can see what I was getting at in your post/s.

BTW, Just so you know, most koryu folks DON'T sit around talking about what we see as the relative shortcomings of other methods---were to busy training.

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