Why the hostility?

No hostility, I was simply pointing out that you were, and are now, jumping up and down like a little kid saying "we are too better, come on, I'll prove it!!!" I personally find it pretty amusing.

If your prowess is as good as you suggest, then come out and fight and compete!

I never suggested that my "prowess" was any good. I have only ever fought when I was forced to, and then people have a very good chance of dying. I don't fight to compete thanks. I told you that koryu folks have other aims. Apparently you were too busy telling everyone how good you really are to catch that.

Until then your opinions donít really matter, do they?

My opinions shouldn't matter to you no matter what. I am not in your group, I am not your instructor, I am only a name on the internet. It's a bit of a curiosity to me why my opinions should matter in the least, never mind upset you so much.