Lots of breast beating ...

You've just wonderfully illustrated why a lot of SCA combatants get ignored, and why the SCA in general tends to get passed off as a lot of old kids playing Dungeons and Dragons.

The aim of koryu folks is a lot different than that of SCA, kendo, or fencing. The vast majority do NO sparring at all, and we aren't interested in being, or being seen as, fighters.

This was a very interesting discussion that included members of the SCA, WMA, and JSA. No one was slagged on, but differences in outlook were discussed. Now you've gone and brought the thread back up, given it a large dose of testosterone, and basically told everyone else how you guys are better and you'll be happy to back it up.

With your obvious experience in the SCA, you could have made a positive contribution to helping others understand what you do. Instead, with a single post, you caused everyone outside the SCA to want to roll their eyes and blow you off.

Just the way I see it.