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Concerning all things on the Internet ….. I understand Tsafa’s for I have experienced being shagged myself. Although, no one here as slighted our prowess… many do… Usually with the ignorance that we will gladly “exchange a dialogue”…(ask to exchange blows…and even travel to do so….)

Once the offender realizes this….. We usually experience a “back peddling” and perceived “loss of face” and usually the moderator of the “particular site” comes to the rescue of the guy who has called into question “our honor and prowess” I think its this way because to the populas at large we are seen as Dungeon and Dragon’s roll playing nut jobs…

The thing to remember is that We (Belted fighter and unbelted fighter…) in the SCA are an honor bound society and we follow chivalric codes…(try to think of us as a giant biker gang with our own customs an societal rules) If we perceive our honor to be slighted, then the preverbal gauntlet naturally get thrown to the floor… (It’s a gut reaction sometimes…and to the uninitiated, it seems brash and full of braggadocio!

We in the SCA can get pretty nasty …. I have fought for the Midrealm on numerous occasion in “Champions battles” they are like football with sticks with no time outs. You smash the guy to the ground with your weapon and you smach him to the ground with your body! We in the Midrealm..even fight “pas de arms” on occasion too. (Basically its Submission fighting with sticks while in Armour )

I know …My brothers in the east are just as tenacious as we are.

That all said…Time and time again we get Escrima/ Philippine, Kendoka, Fencer and Western Sword Artist attempt to slag us on the Internet. It’s usually people who have NO CLUE what we do and that the fighting aspect of the SCA has been around for thirty plus years with many experts in other martial arts contributing. The competition is at a national level. (In other words, unlike most Dojo’s who just train amongst themselves…we continuously fight and train with a mass amount of people located all around the United States and Europe.) The skill level is very high…The only organizations that I have seen with the skill level that we have, are Fencing and Kendo organization the compete on a national level too… I have never seen a small school with a single instructor come close to producing skilled fighter of our nature.

The offenders are usually ignorant that we FIGHT most of the time every week on several occasions… In a full contact nature unscripted….we don’t play with kata….

CXT No offense….

But your statement can be seen as blusterous also….. When statement like this are made “Many koryu folks are trained ot hit where the armor DOES NOT protect you--on PURPOSE---so it would be kinda hard to match fairly without people getting hurt. “

This makes me and others of my craft think….. “ That you guys don’t do a lot of sparring…” because in a skilled contest where it becomes a chess game of the mind, you don’t get to pick where you get to strike. Your opponent gives you the target through your fakes, beats feints and manipulation in timing etc etc…

Now maybe you do fight a lot…. Who knows… this isn’t meant as a slag. It is meant as an informant for “…if you understand and comprehend what I said about picking your strikes, then you should at the very least….. know the depth at which our skill is….”