As Far as My posts goes.. I wasn’t suggesting that WMA was suspect either… My experience (and my experience ONLY) I have found that the WMA people or people who follow that vein…..that I have come across “who have aversions” to the SCA are either 1) Do not know much about the SCA and the high level of competition that exist or 2) Tried the SCA at some local back water level…thought it was a “beat down fest” and didn’t like what they experienced

I can under stand the beat down viewpoint (having witnessed it more than a few times)

My Hapkido training has kept me from becoming a knight (all my friends in the SCA are Knights or Dukes) When I’m up and fighting I fight at that level. So I know how good and demanding these guys are. There is a cost on the body when training in this sport (as is other very aggressive sports)

So when I come across a condescending WMA or escrima, or Kendoka on the internet…..I’m always aggressively defensive. Sometimes to the point of issuing “a put up or shut up challenged” Is this wrong? Yea… I’m not perfect

Tsafa where do you hail from?

I’m from the Midrealm, Know anyone from there?