Not to split hairs---but as far as I know nobody on the forum has suggested that SCA isn't a valid form of fighting.
Maybe they did, but I don't recall it.

Plus I can prove that at one time in the hands of "X" people a given art was hell on wheels in combat---that DON'T mean that just because I train in it "I'm" a hell on wheels as a fighter----this would be like me saying "Chuck Liddell is a really tough guy---I train just like Chuck, so "I'm" a really tough guy."

See the problem?

Anther problem is that people are not "really" using say "African spear fighting" at all---at best what they are doing is filtering African Spear Fighting thu the rules of an SCA meet and using what they can.....which could a little, could be a lot---but your really not getting a real picture of an art by looking at its sport application.

Take your aforementioed African Spear Fighting----are you guy matching on the African veldt with temps in the 100's--so wearing the full armor and merely walking would seriously weaken you and fighting full out quite possibly kill you in short order?
Is taking African Spear fighting and forceing its student whom presumably has been training with a very different set of combat varibles to don a heavy metal vest and heavy protective gear really giving you a real look at the "effectiveness" of their art?

I would suggest that its more complex than that.

I have a buddy that used to say that if you wanted to study a REAL fighting system of any kind the thing to do would be study the all the things they BANNED from their meets---people ban stuff because its dangrous and it gets people hurt---if they allow you to do it chances are that its allowed because it DOES NOT consiatntly get people hurt.

Sport applications can be good teaching aids....I just shy away from using them as a "standard" for judeging overt effectiness.

Another thing is how a given situation effects the training and the fighting---I used to fence saber---one day my teacher had us take off the mask, jacket, glove and gave us period repro's with rebatted edges and had us fence---NOW the slighest mistake could get somebody seriously hurt--just by ACCIDENT......it seriously changed not only the manner in which we fenced but the techniques and tactics we used......indeed the Olympaic manner in which we trained became a serious LIBABILTY rather than a help when the rules chamged to greater realism.

Just something to bear in mind.

I have no problems with SCA people BTW--many of them are indeed skillful fighters.

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