Perhaps an oddball question, but I wanted to ask people about something I find comes up now and again whenever I read/research anything about Qigong/meditation.

Occasionally, whatever ti is I am reading will mention something about "Not staring/sitting/standing/lying down" to an excesss when meditating/practicing Qigong. When I asked my instructor about this, he said "What does your common-sense tell you?". While I agree totally with that I notice also in some styles practice is meant to go on for thirty to forty-five minutes or more in a single posture, standing or sitting.

I'm a novice at Qigong, but it peaks my curiosity.

Excatly what timeframes would you consider the "too long" benchmark for staring/standing/sitting/lying down/etc when meditating/practicing Qigong?

In advance, I appreciate any replies.
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