i'm currently on my second kick-boxing book.

My first one called WarriorRage Kick-Boxing covers:

busienss plann
punches and strikes
kicking techniques
hand and fet combintations
bridging the gap
exercise routines
conditioning the hands
weight lifting

my second book, which i'm hoping to get out by the end of the month will be titled WarriorRage Kick-Boxing volume II and it'll cover:

the 4 levels of boxing, wich is a combinations of mitt work and plyometric. So you have 4 different extensive training routines for each level.

heavy bag routines
strikes with the hands
speed drills.

Each book it $20 bucks a peace. But in the first book you do get a CD that covers the kata and nunchaku routines.

I have it retalied on my site at www.wrkf.us or you can order both by email at wrkf@warriorrage.com

I have had quite a few good reviews of my first book. But I try to be as informative as I can in my teachings.
WarriorRage KickBoxing Federation www.wrkf.us