anyone have any of your own thoughts on how the belief mechanism works? I think it can be a civil conversation as long as no specific beliefs are focused upon.

we know somewhat the physiology and likely behavior patterns of something like how fear works - and people are comfortable with analyzing it's mechanism with concepts such as adreneline, 'flight or fight', 'survival instinct', 'fear of the unknown', 'mass panics' etc.

just speaking in general concepts, the same way fear is addressed, I thought it may be interesting to open a conversation about how the belief mechanism works.

I'll throw some questions out to get the gears turning:

Is belief a survival trait? Is it a manifestation of fear? Is it a psychology? does a philosophy use the same mechanism as a belief? is belief gifted to humans and only humans? is it a socially learned behavior? is it a sortof social acceptance survival mechanism? are beliefs pre-determined or learned?

if it's pertinent to your study of MA to know how fear works to raise awareness of it - then it would seem investigating a bit about how our belief mechanism works might lead to discovery of something also pertinent.

can you analyze your belief mechanism with the same objectivity and clarity that you can analyize fear? if you can't, or aren't willing to - then what does that say about the power a belief can have?