You should practise a good hip load for power striking bags, pads, shields (or telephone books). But in kata? In the context of blocks?

I know guys that can hit like this while standing one leg, and having none of the "typical" Karate hip swing at all, in fact we don't do the swingy hips at all anymore, and I don't miss it.

I'm sure if you've been exposed to some IMA people you've seen the kind of thing i'm talking about, that is my issue with this kind of movement, since I've met guys who hit like mac trucks using a totally different method than "body first then hands" shown in the kata vid, I don't see the benefit in it. I still think it encourages a big tell also.

I know the hip torque thing is endlessly debated, but personally i've dropped it.

I don't know if consterdine's movements look the same as the kata to me...

Out of curiousity, in your experience are there any CMA that use that kind of movement, or is it something that's unique to certain Karate schools?