you agree to these terms and conditions every time you post and/or read content here - that includes your PM mailbox.

I'm not a lawyer, but the way I read it is, that they will try and curb objectionable content, but are not obligated to do so. This is a commercial 'use at your own risk' public-accessable forum - which includes anything you voluntarily choose to access and read, including the account mailbox. This isn't like a town meeting hall where we have the right to be here and be heard. It's a commercial site with a registration membership fee that happens to be $0. It isn't constructed so that people may exercise their right of free speech, it's constructed to pull people into advertisment space.

walking into a public town hall and giving your opinion is your right. However, remember that this is not a publically funded site, it's a commercial one.

If a user on a comercial site forum is being abused in any way, what that user should do, in my opinion, is stop using the site, and contact the owner via e-mail....continue to not use the site until a reply/resolution is in place.

If the harrassment is thru your personal e-mail account, then file a complaint with that provider.

In my opinion.