I don't think anyone should have to endure harrassment in order to participate in a community. I think the above statements do not understand that having 'differences of opinion' and taking it to PM...is not the same as harrassment. If one is willing to discuss something via PM...that is fine. The 'take it to PM' is often invoked because two or more strong egos are 'at it'...bashing each other...and messing up the place publicly. If they want to abuse each other, and are willing to do so via PM...that is their perogative. However, once someone states, 'Do not PM me anymore'...further communication by the other constitutes harrassment. Also, as in public posts, any PMs that include verbage that could be construed as 'threatening', or break the basic/stated rules/faqs of the forum should fall under the umbrella of 'harrassment'.

Privately, or publicly, harrassment is not in keeping with the overall mission of this forum...and we should have clarification on it.