Hey everybody, what's up? I'd like to say thanks for the board and all its info and whatnot. This is my first post. Before I ask any questions, let me explain my situation. This might be a long post.

I am already into KM, i'm sold. I like the idea/principle of it. I would like to benefit from the boards' collective knowledge of the subject. However, I want to know if it will match my needs/expectations.

I am 23 years old, healthy, and 20 or so pounds overweight. I don't know what the actual standards are so maybe i'm off a little. I'm not weak but i'm no bodybuilder either. Pretty average guy. I have no SD experience, and have only seriously punched two people in my life, and probably did it wrong/looked like Ed Norton in the beginning of Fight Club. I own a very small business that looks more well paid than it really is, and sometimes I carry healthy amounts of cash. Due to the nature of my business I have to dress like I have money, you know, a nice shirt, clean expensive shoes. Not so much, but it really contrasts with the average guys flipflops and frayed pants/shorts. I live in a really, really messed up city where the majority of robberies end in death of the victims. I mean, it's insanely common and almost everyone I know has a story. The robbers, assaulters(?), whatever, are usually drug addicted teens/children with no respect for life. I'm smart enough to know the best way to avoid anything is to avoid potentially dangerous situations like walking at night and stuff like that, but at the same time things have a way of popping off at any moment here. Having said that, I have absolutely no problem handing over my cell or cheap watch but I want to be ready to defend my wife, and myself if my watch and pocket money aren't enough. I am not looking to be Rambo, or gain a million pounds of muscle, only learn practical techniques I can use(if necessary) and maybe lose a pound or two to make my wife happy. Where I live it's like that, the confrontation doesn't always end with them walking away from you with your watch. It's very common for one guy to hold a gun to the victim while his friends have fun with the victim's wife, or worse. What I mean to say is, there's no TV show ending. I don't want to learn how to fight like in the movies, I want to learn seriously how to defend my life. I don't want to be Steven Seagull. I apologize is my post is overly long. Here are my questions.

1. Is KM what i'm looking for?
2. Is it possible for me to reach the level of all those guys in the videos on youtube? If it takes two or three years, that's ok for me, maybe even more fun.
3. Is it worth my time and money? Studying would be a luxury for me.
4. Are there some signs I should look for to know if i'm in a "McDojo"?
5. How can I know the difference between the different types of KM? Someone commented about this in another thread but I didn't get it.

I know the only way to really know if it's cool or not is to start studying, but i'd like to know a little more about what I might be getting into. Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.