Hey man, I know exactly how u feel because I also had planta faciitis. I had for abour a year and a half... The only sure way to get better is by resting like hell man, avoid being on ur feet tooo longgg and massage and strech the feet and a muscle called tibialis anterior on the front lateral side of ur leg, basically on the right side or left side depending on which leg(shin) .. It took me 3 months to get over it... sacrifice training time man trust me its worth it cause now i havent gotten any pain since march...

Bow out with respect from a TKD/BAGUA MARTIALIST

3 MONTHS how old are you? 19-25 years old. I spoke with a former college Basketball player, now a coach and plays summer leauge (35-38 yrs old) he said it took him 2.5 years for his to completly heal. I had the same injury and it took me 18 months to heal. Accept for cold and heat treatment, massage and rehilbitaion drills there not much that could be done. 3 months man I miss being young.

OP Good luck healing, let me add one of the things that slows healing is reinjury try not to use the that foot for kicking especially the roundhouse kick on the heavy bag until it healed, even when using the shin. Air kicking or light striking pads maybe ok during the healing process but not the heavy bag or sparring.

Oh to be young again...

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