Hello everyone.
This section of the forum seems fairly inactive and I have time to spare, so I thought I might grace you with an epic tale of adven... Well, maybe my tale isn't so epic afterall, but maybe you'll enjoy it, feel free to share your own in this thread if you so desire. So, without anymore stalling to think of something to write - Here's the tale of how I came to be where I am now in terms of martial arts, and just where that is.
*My recollection of time is poor, so if, though I'm 18, my story takes place over 84 years, use your imagination...*

I started training martial arts when I was 9 years old (I think), I had always been interested in martial arts, but my mum kept telling me to wait till I was older to start, I believe she was worried that I'd get hurt, or thought it was a passing phase or some such thing. But in the end, I went along to a local TKD class, notably the only martial arts class within a 40 minute drive of what was then my home. My brother, ever supportive, went with me, even though it was never a particular interest of his. I can't remember what went on during that class, but I loved it, and so did my brother.

The next 5 years went by without any real notable events, we trained and enjoyed it a lot. My view on martial arts at this time was at what I believe to be its least refined. We trained with no contact up until blackbelt at which point contact remained reasonably scarse, this I never questioned. I thought that my training was the bees knees and undoubtably the best way to learn to fight. I kept thinking this until the last year or so of training, when I began to question things, like the realism of my training, and my actual ability to fight, I'd only been in a couple of schoolyard fights so I didn't really have anything to go off to say that I was actually any good at all. At this point I looked to the great internet to find out more about martial arts, and it was at this time that I encountered this particular forum, among other good sources of information. I concluded that I was going to look for something different, and since I was now living closer to town training was a little more readily available.

I ended up finding a club that trained Wing Chun, BJJ and kickboxing all under the same roof, it was probably about 40 minutes drive from my home, but my mum didn't seem to mind driving me. I felt bad about taking the time out of her already busy scheduele, but I was immediately hooked training here, particularly by the BJJ. I started taking the bus to training after school, it was a good half hour walk from the bus stop, but that didn't particularly bother me, except when it was raining, but that was annoying at worst. I really enjoyed training here, but it still wasn't quite what I was looking for, the standup sparring was still light contact, and I didn't enjoy the Wing Chun enough to really keep me there, so although I loved BJJ, I started looking for somewhere new to train...

It was at this point that I learned that an old friend of my brother also trained BJJ, having learned from his brothers who had stayed with him for some time, but were now gone again, he had no one to roll with so he and I booked out a local school's gym, put down mats, and wrestled. He was better than me, but we each had some things to teach eachother.

A friend of mine told me about a local boxing club, about 40 minutes walk from my school, so I started going there three days a week, and stopped training at my old club. Since I still had someone to wrestle with I wasn't too hurt by leaving the old club, though only having one partner does suck, it just wasn't practical to keep training at my old club as well as boxing three nights a week. Boxing really did it for me, I loved it and I learned a whole lot very quickly, my BJJ partner decided he'd give it a go too, he's two years older than me and had his driver's liscene, and since I lived along the way to his place, he'd give me a lift home after training, which I think was nice for my poor mother who'd been running me around for years now. My friend had to stop boxing when he lost his job and could no longer afford the petrol to go to town that often, but my time boxing ended not long after his when the coach revealed to me that I (and previously my friend) were the only ones paying the $5 a week for training and with that plus problems with other groups who used our facility (a football changeroom) breaking our stuff he couldn't do it any longer.

That was almost a year ago I believe, and since then I have been out of training, just wrestling with my friend once a week and training on my own, aswell as sparring with a karateka friend of mine every now and again. I'm now 18 years old (my mum hasn't had to drive me around for a year, I think she's bored ) I heard a little while ago that my old boxing gym is on it's feet again, but though I had a great time there, I don't want to go back. My plan has, up till now, been to just wait till the end of this year, when I'll be moving to the other side of the state to study, and once I get there to join the local BJJ and Muay Thai clubs, which I hear are alright.

Recently, however, a friend of mine joined a different local boxing gym, and has been encouraging me to come join him. Right now I have exams, but my last one is Wednesday, so I'm planning to head down there on the Thursday and see where things go from there, if only I hadn't eaten so much over the last year, this belly of mine isn't going to help any

So, that's pretty much my story, not exactly grand, but I guess that's how it is. Infact, I don't even know why I bothered writing all that, might aswell post it now though I guess Feel free to share your story, I'd be interested to hear it.