Hello everyone, I just purchased a new ASP 21 inch baton, but It seems to have a few problems with it. Im sure some of them, or maybe even all of them are just natural parts of the product itself but I'd still like to make sure If anyone can offer some help on the matter.

The first seems to stem from the fact that my baton measures in at 19.75 inches exact from tip to end when expanded, and measures 7.75 inches when not expanded (Which is correct as far as I know). Why its 1.25 inches shorter then it claims to be I dont know..

Also the paint on the black chrome model I have seems to be coming off in some way, I dont know if its just the left over paint mixed with residual grease or what it is, but that obviously worries me.

And as a final note I just thought I'd mention that having to close the damn thing against a hard surface, concrete being the only one I have found to reliabily do it each time is already peeling the paint off the front tip after only a few strikes.

Though Im sure some of these things like I said just comes with the territory, any help on the matter would be appreciated.

Thanks again.