The thing about blocking techniques in karate is that they all contain evasion, covering, parrying, hard blocking, redirection, and striking.

I agree Marcel.


As for the article, I don't quite agree with your application of karate's blocking techniques. I think that the initial parry/cover is being left out. This technique allows you to use the "block" to strike or at worst block the second incoming strike.

This is what I refer to, albeit fleetingly and perhaps inaccurately, as a "backup block". I say inaccurately because I often use this as the primary block while the main "block" is used offensively or for a further deflection. Indeed, this is my brother's preferred tactic. I plan to cover this issue another time. Suffice it to say, I've only scratched the surface of this topic. What I have demonstrated are very basic blocking tactics.


I also believe that there must be more controlling of the striker's attacking limb and posture.

Again, I haven't even started to address this issue. It is one of my areas of emphasis. In the article I concentrated simply on the deflection aspect. The control, pulling (hikite), trapping etc. is all part of TMA using the deflection as a foundation or entry.

In short, I can't say everything I would like to say in one short article, so forgive me if it appears to present a "complete" approach. It doesn't. It's just the very beginning.