Nice article Dan, I didn't find much to disagree with peronsally. I liked your "how not to chudan uke" thing, we call that the windshield wiper.

A blocking technique should really be a seamless part of your attack.

Re: Jkogas comment about the jab, personally the way I see it you do not use the "harder" style blocking techniques against a jab, you use them against attacks which are made with more commitment, hopefully they acheive the following:

disrupting, evading (as Med said some kind of evasion or body movement is part of every -uke technique I ever learned), setting up your next shot, and making his next harder to land.

Also, (just my own experience) I have never once seen a school that teaches traditional blocks that move the elbow far away from the body, i'm sure they may exist but I know for a fact that in many styles of Karate you are encouraged to never move elbow too far from the body in these techniques.

I think people get confused by the concept because in beginner training it is seperated from everything else, also in beginner training alot of styles have applications where you block multiple times, while they are fine for learning techniques, too much of this instills a "defensive" mindset with these techniques which is the exact opposite of what you want.

The bottom line to me is that body positioning and movement combined with using arms for deflection is a perfectly useful way of addressing attacks.

I've seen it argued that most of this happens roughly in the beginning of a confrontation, and that uke-waza are designed for the initial stages of confrontation.

Not sure if I share that opinion or not but I have seen it put forth.

In regards to Med's comment about the the parrying hand or whatever, personally I was taught ways to use uke techniques that involve both the inside/parrying hand and the outside hand as control, and simply using the outside hand, I think they both have their place.

I'm guessing that also being a Goju guy (and one with many years on me lol) Dan has seen or done these plenty too, he puts them in a different context in the article though, as a "failsafe"...maybe you could elaborate more on the inside hand thing Dan?

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