i remember about 15yr ago me and my then girlfriend was on a night out to see some singer she wanted to watch at a local night club .we standing there minding our own ,when this lad behind me starts clipping me around the head , the wife knew him from school so was trying to wind me up . everytime i looked behind me he be looking away laughing ,so i went over to him and asked him what his problem was ,i got no problem mate he said his mate was just behind me aswell.

any way he had his arm around me and was crouching down slightly the temptation to uppercut him there and then was awfull ,but what did i do ?...i walked over to the wife and said come on ,lets get going .

i know i did the right thing and well all i kept thinking of was it was the wifes birthday and didnt want no trouble.

but even after all this time theres a part of me that wanted to shove that blokes face into the floor, and im not sure what id rather live with . ive never talked about it untill now and need to get rid of it .

if only we could strike with the eyes - from the thought to the fist how much time is lost ?