If I am wrong to infer from your posts that a few hundred years ago is when these people travelled to Okinawa, please correct me on the time period when you think Mesopotamians actually landed on Okinawa.

I never made any claims to be doing research on this, you did. You clearly think these people, whooever they are, landed there sometime and your only doubts seem to centre on whether spreading fighting skills was the main aim of the trip to Okinawa or peripheral. However you are unwilling to back it up with evidence for some reason.

Getting defensive and asking about the Sahara (as your original unedited post did) is a diversion because you posted something that possibly is out of your imagination. If I am wrong about this then post some evidence to support your view. It is interesting and I would gladly be proved wrong.

You also said you "research history" but are not a history student and since you said it and I was also interested I was hoping you could explain this further. As it happens I do know a bit about the history of Mesopotamia so please point me in the right direction.

You are right, of course, that I should have referred to Mesopotamians, not Iraqis, although the name Iraq does come from Uruk, one of the ancient population centres of Mesopotamia. But you knew that surely what with your researching the earth sciences and archaeology of the area. Right?



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