Which persons from Mesopotamia (now Iraq) do you think visited Okinawa to pass on wrestling skills , when and why?


pass on wrestling skills

Yes very good!! I love academic sense of humour.

So back to reality and practical matters.

Barad. I doubt I Do Not believe that the persons

(who more than likely came from the area of Mesopotamia)

landed on Okinawa purely to pass on wrestling skills to the then native inhabitants of Okinawa.

I have to make the doubt, do not somewhat clear otherwise it is picked up on .


More than likely they were after something that was on Okinawa or on one of the surrounding islands and for some reason some might have ended up staying on Okinawa.


Were blown of course and ended up there?

Their war arts/ defence arts more than likely would have included weapons, striking and grappling(wrestling).

As regards the specifics as to who it was, why they did it, and the time in history I am afraid the evidence is still being debated.

But the evidence of the prescence of such people is there.
So do you think the research in to the origins of karate would sell in a book?

With at some stage the inclusion of Kata that might have included

weapon use
and striking perhaps?

And the dreaded G/F?


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