"find fault"

Nope, not really, just think your drawing the lines a little to narrow---its a case IMO of defination--exactly what, where and how, you define and view the terms.

From my perspective pretty much ALL schools of karate look and feel very different...some are much more "similer" than others--but I see very real differences between students at the SAME exact dojo, even more between seperate lines of the SAME style--even with 2 students that once studied under the same master--etc.

You watch underbelts from the same school do things they pretty much all look alike, do things the same way---when those same students reach black belt--they all tend to be doing the same things in slightly differnt ways--the longer they train the more "individual" their art becomes...again IMO.

I'm sure that one can make a case for "more" of "less" similer or "closer" or "further" from some starting point.

To me its just a matter of degree...and not something that is all that important.

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