Though I agree with your comparison of Goju-Kia and Shotokan being Japanese versions of Okinawan TE, you would have to admitt that Goju-Kia is not a totally different art then Goju-ryu as it is with Shoto-Kan. Most of Shorin-Ryu looks different in movment and purpose then Shotokan. Thus it being named a totally different system.

IMO Shito-ryu is the closest Japanese Okinawan Karate I know of, probably more Okinawan then Goju-Kia.

Shotokan is Japanese Karate.

But generally speaking you are right Japanese Goju-Kia is more linera then Okinawan Goju-ryu, just as Shotokan is to Shorin, which uses more softer movement and angles.

By the way this could have been 3-4 different threads.

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