Med said "Goju from his line is no more okinawan that Shotokan karate is"

Med I am shocked-I am sure some idiot wrote a book recently saying that Shotokan was the ancient bodyguard art of the Okinawan court, Tekki sideways movements protecting the king against assasination etc (long before Shoto/Funakoshi actually lived of course but still Shotokan is an ancient Okinawan art apparently).


Shocked about what? Are we talking about the Shotokan that Funakoshi first brought to Japan, or the athletic performance and combat sport that it currently is? When describing karate shotokan is generally described as Japanese karate. It may very well be more okinawan than any okinawan karate out there, but I don't believe so if you look at the other styles of okinawan karate out there and then look at what Shotokan has become. But we all know that Funakoshi is the father of Japanese Shuri style karate just as Yamaguchi is the father of Japanese (Naha style karate) Goju. In that there is no flaw in my comparison. Do YOU find fault with that comparison?
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