History is a point in time when events occured.

I suppose so.


Okinawa might have had at some time physical infleunce from certain people from Mesopotamia. Physical evidence seems to be there.

Well, there are some pots etc. dating from Greco-Roman times showing forearm blocking. Maybe this indicates a spread of knowledge gradually overland to India, then China, then Okinawa. But a direct influence is unlikely in the extreme.

Moreover there is a good case for arguing parallel evolution. The spiny echidna looks like a porcupine - but they are completely unrelated (the former is a marsupial)... There are too many similar examples to mention.

To my knowledge the Phonecians from the middle east might have even made it down the east coast of Africa as far as Mozambique. Alexander made it as far as present day Pakistan. There is a legend of a battalion of Roman troops ending up in Western China. Marco Polo made it to China 1000 or so years later.

There is no evidence of Western or Middle Eastern visits to Okinawa until the Napoleonic era 300 or so years after that.