As far as my limited teeny bit of Judo crosstraining knows, yeah I think that's a good respresentation.

Then i'd say it's use is at best minimal. Would it help you become a UFC fighter, realistically, no.


Did you guys do uchi-komi? That's not much different from the way i've been taught to train some Karate techniques. Obviously the presentation of Judo kata is often overly formal, but the practice of it also teaches you alot I'd imagine. I don't know whether practicing Seionage with a partner is consdiered "kata" or not by most Kodokan Judo guys, but I know it is in some styles of Jujutsu.

Okay, I don't know the terminology 'uchi-komi'. The first result i got for it on google was


As i said my experience was that in judo importance is not placed on kata as it is in karate. It could be argued that Judo with it's competitive nature has seen that kata has minimal impact on improving thier judo so have moved away from it.
I don't really want to argue too far down this road. As i've said I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a 'Judoka'.


That goes for anything, not just Karate or Kata, way to be general about being general lol!

Fair point. I think you know what i'm getting at though.


No, i'd imagine training for a UFC fight requires training for a fight

According to many who are commenting, training kata is training to fight, which equates kata as a useful tool for MMA. I disagree with that assertion.


however you could practice plenty of the techniques in Karate and Judo kata (and guess what people do) in a 'live' environment with a training partner such as is done in a wide variety of arts.

Good for them. I think they will get the most out of their kata training. These guys will not be successful UFC fighters though. (unless they are also training elsewhere!)


I do think there is value in a holistic sense of practicing the solo routines but incrementally if your goal is purely fighting then it's the paired drills and "live" work that would matter i'd think.

If you want to fight then drills and live work are essential. Where are you going to get these drills from? Kata? Drills for passing gaurd? drills for takedown defences against a wrestler? Footwork? Where to put your hands in your gaurd? Head movement? etc etc Can you get this from the (for arguments sake) 15 movements of a kata?

Skill gains for UFC fighting would be made would be due to live training irrespective of the kata training.


On the other hand, I find it amusing the way people dismiss "kata" as if the term can only imply some guy standing on the beach meditatviely doing a solo form.

I also find it odd that people are having such a hard time believing that Machida's Karate training could have had an effect on his fighting style.

I don't think anyone has mentioned that kata only implies someone performing a kata. I think people were quite specific when using 'kata performance' and 'kata training' knowing that karateka practice kata so differently. A more apt statement MIGHT be:

"I find it amusing the way karate ka think of the term "kata" as if the term can only imply some guy standing on the beach meditatviely doing a solo form.

Also i dont think that people have dismissed all his karate training.
"Its only pain, it wont hurt you"