A pro boxer didn't have the skills to put motobu in a RNC, armbar, etc... or it would have been a different story.

Kata can be what you make of it,but I don't see how it could be beneficial to mma. I especially don't see how it could be more beneficial than mma training to mma.

I still don't see how kata training helped
Machida in any way,his fight training helped him along with his natural attributes. Nor do I see how that if he trained in 'pure' Okinawan kata that none of his fights would have went to a decision. GERK!!!

It might be more of a question about getting Motobu or any other karate fighter in such a disadvantageous position so that such submissions can be applied. Of course Kyan fought a judo man and he was unable to get a submission on him. So are you saying that a karateman will always be at a disadvantage versus a grappler?

As far as fights not going to a decision it is about the intent of okinawan karate. In fact, this is one of the main aspects of it that seperates the modern sport karate styles from the classical or koryu ones. The intent is to go for the "kill" so to speak from jump. Once you engage with your opponent you don't stop until someone cannot continue, either him or you. Think of it like this. If you had an opportunity to fight the man who killed your best friend in the cage, would you try to win on points by using octagon control or would you go out there to try to KO him. In okinawan karate you try to KO every opponent in every engagement.
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