I do not have experience of Judo kata. The Judo clubs that i've trained with (for only relatively short periods at a time) appeared not to show any emphisis on kata as in karate. Is this the norm?
Is this a good representation of Judo kata:?


As far as my limited teeny bit of Judo crosstraining knows, yeah I think that's a good respresentation.
Did you guys do uchi-komi? That's not much different from the way i've been taught to train some Karate techniques. Obviously the presentation of Judo kata is often overly formal, but the practice of it also teaches you alot I'd imagine. I don't know whether practicing Seionage with a partner is consdiered "kata" or not by most Kodokan Judo guys, but I know it is in some styles of Jujutsu.


Also I've clearly stated i've not rejected the usefulness of kata training. I don't see that kata is useful for UFC fights as has been suggested. I've also pointed out that the reason/function for karate kata in not known and varies dramatically between styles, within style, between individuals, perhaps even within individuals!

That goes for anything, not just Karate or Kata, way to be general about being general lol!


Do you think, like has been suggested, that Kata (just performance and complete training) is a useful method for training for a UFC fight?

No, i'd imagine training for a UFC fight requires training for a fight, however you could practice plenty of the techniques in Karate and Judo kata (and guess what people do) in a 'live' environment with a training partner such as is done in a wide variety of arts.

I do think there is value in a holistic sense of practicing the solo routines but incrementally if your goal is purely fighting then it's the paired drills and "live" work that would matter i'd think.

On the other hand, I find it amusing the way people dismiss "kata" as if the term can only imply some guy standing on the beach meditatviely doing a solo form.

I also find it odd that people are having such a hard time believing that Machida's Karate training could have had an effect on his fighting style.

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