I have no doubt that had traditional karate masters like Higaonna sensei competed in early UFC while in their prime they would have demonstrated quite ably karate deflections and striking (as well as grappling etc.)

I'd have to disagree. I see no evidence to suggest they would have performed any better than the strikers who entered the tournament at the time did. I do not think they would have lived with the wrestling of Seven(Severn?)/Shamrock or the jj of Gracie.


I might say that by "mother tongue" I'm not suggesting that karate is the dominant influence on his technique - just his first, and that it has left a clearly identifiable stamp. Of course, his other training has (as you point out) had a major impact.

Agree here.


He still retains the in and out sportive methods that modern shotokan sport karate has rather than the live or die okinawan diving straight in methods. I could see an okinawan karateka's fights never going to decision.

He goes in and out because he has knowledge of wrestling and knows if he stayed at close range he'd get tied up by superior wrestlers and taken down. It is intelligent fighting. His time at Shotokan tournaments may have helped him in that respect, e.g. quick feet. But isn't point scoring tournament just about as far away from kata as there is?

I agree that if using the method of diving straight in there is the OKinawan way, then yeah no fights would go to decision as they would be G'n'P'd to a TKO.
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