I might say that by "mother tongue" I'm not suggesting that karate is the dominant influence on his technique - just his first, and that it has left a clearly identifiable stamp. Of course, his other training has (as you point out) had a major impact.



I agree with your comments about American goju and shotokan being unfairly stigmatised.

In that regard, I still admire shotokan and always will, even if it is not my chosen art/emphasis (we practice the shotokan tekki shodan, after all). I have too many friends and colleagues who make it work very well to criticise them. Ever seen Stan Schmidt and Norman Robinson in action?

Yep, some here say if you don't call it somehing legit....bla bla bla...I believe any karate can be made solid.

Sorry, I haven't heard of those guys.


As I said on the embu thread, the only sparring video I have is this one of our "randori" (a softer kind of sparring that we mostly do in the dojo). I hastily put it together for Harlan a couple of weeks ago. I'm the short guy with short hair who does a bit of grappling somewhere in the 1996 segment. This was before I developed Crohns, so I was fitter and stronger back then, but such is life.


I was reluctant to put the video on Youtube for all the "that wouldn't work" type comments you invariably get from keyboard ninjas. In the end I'm fairly thick skinned so I put it on anyway. I'm not the world's best fighter - "this is who I am and what I do" is my attitude.

Actually, I was very impressed with that.

Good control,good free flowing techniques, liked the takedowns!! Looks like you had to spar some tall guys.I liked that alot.
My only critique would be that there was alot of kicking, not really goju stylistic in my opinion,but effective none the less!

If we keep agreeing on things, what are we going to talk about?
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