Doing the kata doesn't mean flip. Anyone can go through the movements over and over and it wouldn't help one iota.

Your wrong. I dont even need to explain why, your definitely intelligent enough to know why.

As for asking Machida. We dont have to. He clearly stated in interviews his Karate is what makes him effective and everything he knows he learned from his father, a Shotokan Karateka.

creative, no.. karate is no different. Thats the problem, why do other combative sports (boxing in general) get less scrutiny and are not held up to the same standards? Karate has been proven just as effective as boxing, but when boxers lose time and time again to muay thai and BJJ etc.. its not said Boxing is ineffective, but the fighter was. When it comes to karate its always karate is ineffective as opposed to the fighter. IMO This just stems from ineffective Karateka who are insecure in their training more so than people from the outside, always questioning.. because they dont know.

As for kata not being clear, perhaps your kata experience is inadequate. But kata always has been clearly defined in Karate as to what it is or isnt. Regardless of bunkai, most Karateka know exactly what kata is and its regards to training. The fact that it can serve so many purposes just shows how effective kata training is, not how ineffective so many people preach.