Would this be different if it was a boxer? I dont think anyone would talk about it, they just assume if he wins it is, if he doesnt then hes just not good. With karate it always seems to be, is he really using karate? If he wins it must be something else, if he loses karate is ineffective.

It is different for a few reasons IMO.

Firstly Boxing has been proven over and over to be an effective tool for MMA. That is why so many MMAist use it. Same as Thai boxing, BJJ.
Machida is the only person i can think of who uses what looks like karate in MMA.

Secondly, for the most part, boxing is boxing. There are different styles of boxing, but the training (in my experience) is pretty similar. Plus the styles are becoming more similar with the advent of amateur boxing and increases in boxing rules. Karate on the other hand is hugely diverse, with (for arguments sake)one shotokan school being almost unrecognisable from another.

For these reasons IMO if Machida wins it only really supports 'his karate' and not 'Karate' as a useful tool for mma.


Do you ever see shadowboxing arguments? How about speed bag by itself wont make you a good fighter, but... Why is everything always taken out of context when trying to make a point? Ive only been here a month or so and can already tell everyone knows what Karate and its training methods are and/or are not, so why does everyone patronize each other and argue off pointless semantics, insecure maybe?

I think the reason there are not shadow boxing arguments is that people don't say "shadow boxing is the heart of boxing". Also there are clear differences between shadow boxing and kata performance.
Also the reasons for shadow boxing are clear. The reason for doing kata are not. (An individual may have a clear reason for doing it, but the actual purpose of kata is not clear).


I wonder how much effect Machida will have on Karate & MMA seeing as how strongly he embraces it.

I'm hoping a positive effect on both. Think it could open some peoples eyes from both karate and MMA circles.

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