Well karate is a holistic training method, so if the question is whether part of his fighting prowess revolves around performance of solo routines i'd have to say no.

Do you mean things like shadow boxing or drilling techniques don't help improve fighting ability? Oh no, its kata which you don't believe helps improve fighting ability. So then why practice kata at all if not to improve fighting ability?

Geez, don't even know why I bother responding to you half the time, since you seem to magically know my thoughts on every subject before I even post them!!!

But...here goes:

I mean that in isolation simply practicing kata as purely solo routine doesn't do much for fighting ability. Nor do I think it was ever intended to be used in isolation in this way. It is part of training, but certainly not the entire spectrum of what training a kata means.

Are you actually suggesting it is?

If we use the common textbook analogy, just reading you textbook gives you nothing but rote memorization, etc.....discussing and using what you've learned gives what you read alot more depth.

Anyway I thought I explained it pretty well above, so what exactly are you taking issue with?

P.S. And maybe answer BrianS's question before laying into me?

P.S.S. Calm down.

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