the first kata was a demo for the judges to get a feel for the average score to give for our devision and was not for points. the second one was bassai dai, and the third was jion. the strange thing was jion was feeling like my stronger kata going into the competetion, however i goofed it up hard core, lol. you can see the loss of ballance on the last gedan uke, and on the high x block combitnation i messed up the arm movement again, hard core. what the hell is the point of practice if it never works, lol. as i said before i got a bi in kumite, oh well. so i only had one fight. my foot work was what i've been working on most for that, and i think it has up alot from last years nationals. i still need to keep my freaking hands up, and im kinda proud of the foot sweeps, i love the look on the opponents face when you catch him with thoes. that "!" expression that only an exclimationa mark can describe, lol.

over all im please with how it went, there will always be things to work on which has been made painfully apparent by the camera, lol. please feel free to nail it with advice, i know i need it, it can only help. unless your name ends with the number 33, in that case don't reply

its not supposed to make sense