Next weekend my province is hosting the ITKF nationals, the selection tourniment for team canada at the worlds held later in the year. As a lowely 2nd kyu I won't be able to attend the worlds even if i manage to win an event, so its just a learning expirence for me.

This will be my thrid time around competeting in a national event for karate, and the butterflies are starting already. I'll be competeting in ippon kumite (don't laugh medualant, lol) and kata. I'll be preforming Bassai dai and Jion in kata, both of which I've been working for some time now, well bassai for a long time. My kumite feels better than my kata right now, I've been away for school for 2 years so my technique has gotten sloppy, but I have gotten better at punching people in the face, lol.

Just reporting in again, so now I'm obligated to post the results of the ass whooping thats going to happen. Wish me luck and keep a look ot for the emergency flare i will launch into the air if I start to loose a fight, I ecpect one of you guys (goons) to swing in and bail me out, lol.

Now i have to go train.
its not supposed to make sense