Just musing a bit. Was reading about bloggers, internet, writers, and found myself 'turned off' when I came across one writer that was using the 'friends' section to post comments that basically promoted her upcoming book.

Personally, I've tried the 'myspace' thing, the blogging thing, and find that while I like to write...I don't really want people reading it. If there is a message, at all, when I step back and read what I've written (be it on paper or via the keyboard)...it's really to myself. I don't have any interest in finding an audience, of 'sharing' on a widespread basis...of getting 'the word' out. And it struck me...that martial artists could be viewed in a similar way.

I've met karate types that seem very dedicated, and don't feel compelled to share that interest. And others, that are just as passionate...and feel compelled to talk about it. Sometimes, when I come across a person that is really passionate about their martial art, and feels the need to share, being from the other camp, my first reaction is one of suspicion. 'Is this person promoting themself?' On reflecting, I guess it's not a bad thing. If a school doesn't get new members, it dies out. A martial arts version of 'publish or perish'.

Do others think on this? The desire to do one's own thing, vs. the onus to 'get the message out'?