"what qualifies"

Now your playing with words here----"qualification" is a SEPERATE matter entirely from taking the time to teach it.

If someone is not qualified then certainly they should not be teaching ANYTHING.

How do/did you go about establishing that your current teacher is qualified to teach you how to "fight?"

And it still does not address my point, "you" already knowing these things has little to do with those that don't.

Botttom line here is that IMO if people don't want to learn what is being taught---then they should quit.
If they are irked at the time the teacher is taking but find the training useful overall--then they should suck it up and quit bellyaching.
If the training is not what your looking for---then find someplace else that DOES meet their needs.

Simple grown up solutions for a simple grown up problem.
I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.