Its weird, professional spend as much time (or more) on how to avoid fights while amateurs think that fighting is all that matters.
Crime report after crime report tells us that commen sense, awareness and verious methods of de-escalation etc better ways to protect one self than just "learning how to fight", and yet here we are.

BTW--you ever stop and consider that one of the reason they spend such time in teaching how to avoid fights might be for legal reasons?
So's somebody that you beat down will have a harder time coming back and sue the teacher?

My point exactly. The responsibility to teach it is there. How & when it is taught is up to the instructor but it needs to be taught.


Where did you learn how to de-escalate, be aware, and avoid bad situations. A martial arts teacher?

Yes, from a Tang Soo Do instructor who was also a police officer who hosted a seminar at a local school. He taught some very effective and not so common sense concepts that would help to de-escalate a situation. Also, Big Rob at the East Coast Get Together last year had some very good concepts that I had never seen about de-escalation and how to mentally take control of a confrontation before it got violent.

I value this training as much as any other I have received, possibly more so.

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