The Crab

Its weird, professional spend as much time (or more) on how to avoid fights while amateurs think that fighting is all that matters.
Crime report after crime report tells us that commen sense, awareness and verious methods of de-escalation etc better ways to protect one self than just "learning how to fight", and yet here we are.

As my old karate teacehr once put it (minus the explitives )

"If you don't want to learn what I'm teaching....get out."

If you don't want to learn...quit..go someplaces else...take some basic responsibilty for YOUR training..if what your doing is not working for you..find somewhere else that DOES.
Quit bitching, moaning and whineing about it online, grow up and make some positive choices for cats sake.

BTW--you ever stop and consider that one of the reason they spend such time in teaching how to avoid fights might be for legal reasons?
So's somebody that you beat down will have a harder time coming back and sue the teacher?


"You taught this kid how to break arms---he broke my arm and now I can't I'm sueing you for teaching dangerous stuff to people without regard for how they might use it."


"Whoa..just a minute there..I spend 15 minutes of each and every class teaching my students how to avoid fights and drumming it into them that you should only fight when you have no other choice.....this is a respectable martial arts school not some wacko gladiator academy."

Ye Gods and little cat fishes.
I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.