I also concur, avoidance of any violence should be brought up just like I believe that training to "be aware" of your surroundings and people is important HOWEVER this does not take up much time and that you are there to "train" so train what to do when violence is unavoidable.

I think it is common sense to avoid any violent action; at least that is my mentality. Try to deescalate the situation and never take a fighting posture; though that doesn't mean you cannot put open hands up in front of you for protection. Be aware of the surroundings like escapes, people, objects, etc. But we train to fight so fighting should be the majority of the training.

As for Crab's pricing; I understood it. If I pay $70 for a month of class and I can go to 8 classes a week then my average cost per class is $2.19. However I could never attend that many so with only going to 3 classes a week my cost per class is $5.83.