Conflict avoidance and de-escalation techniques are common sense skills. Talk about it after class if you will but don't waste training time.

I disagree completely. It is important to know when to fight and when not to. It is important to know how to avoid a confrontation and it is not common sense to everyone. Common sense isnt that common.

From what I have seen with firearms training, they never just teach you how to shoot. The instructor teaches when a firearm should be used and when some other type of skill or de-escalation can be used. I think all situations that might involve the use of violence or force should be dealt with in a similar manner. You should be taught the skills to identify when you need to use what you have been taught and when it is best to try to simply calm the situation down and walk away.

I can teach someone to hurt somebody and how to avoid getting hurt but I can't teach someone how to deal with the many situations that may result from the confrontation (legal, emotional, mental) if their opponent has a concealed weapon, if they use too much force, or if they let someone in their care be injured by choosing the wrong time to fight. I think the instructor has a responsibility to make sure what he is teaching you will be used with good judgment or at least as much as he is capable of passing on.
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