LOL You pay $15 for 90 minutes worth of instruction, man you are getting off cheap. Most MA lessons are on average $35-$75 and you are complaining about the lesson plan. Now tthere are some rare situation you can get quality Instruction free.

I think that Martial Arts are more then learning to fight, it is about learning to control yourself and learn when to fight. There should be principles and laws taught that teach you to use the your skills to better yourself. Going to jail is not bettering yourself.

There is a big difference between walking up to someone sucker punching them, and noticing a precieved threat and pre-empt striking. The action looks the same, but the words and motion can save you from punishment.

People are not wild animals but I use the AM pit bull as an example known to be good candiates to train to fight. With no command control or socailization they are a threat to the public because they are natural fighters are in the top 4 of dogs that kill humans. BUT with command control/knowing when to counter/attack, socailization/knowing how to talk down, when to get away,whose friendly/playing or a real threat, proper training to include philosophy of life, moral concisiousness/humans only and penlties for not abidding/even dogs understand that. You have a complete MAs.
With this mental training and conditioning even the powerful Am pit bulldog can be very good canines and just part of the family.

Other then that you can have a rabid acting dog thats a threat to soceity.

To coin a popular movie, "With great power comes great responcibilites", I think it went something like that.

Is that putting ourselves above the norm, maybe, maybe not but whats wrong with taking the high ground?

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