One of the reason I am done with Dillman, was the video where he has trained a 13 year old to harness Chi and project it toward a target.

It takes years to understand and manipulate Chi and he has a 13 yr. old Black belt playing these games instead of perfecting his basics skills and developing his mind so he can learn to use this in application.

I also was amused at the behind sheet Ko, and that he states that he can sway or move crowds of people standin in line with his mind.

Master G. Dillman once a very good Martial artist, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Chi exist but not like that, I really liked it when his top assistance tried the NTKO on a weak reporter and it didn't work after KOing a 245lb black belt student.

13 year old forming and project a Chi ball, Chi ball period outside the body, Chi does flow inside the body via the ancient application of PP strikes & holds, accurpunture and healing massage.

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