.. lol how funny. just this night i was at the police because i got into some trouble. yes. some ppl are ar$es!

i was walking down the street on my way to my gf´s house when i heard some girl screaming.
i took a look around the corner and saw 4 guys surrounding a girl holder her hands and pulling her to the ground by the hair and one slapping her into the face. i quickly called my friends which work in a bar around the corner and told them to call the police and an abulance to the place where i was.

i told them not to come because i did not know if any1 of these guys were armed or smthg. so i didnt want to put my friends and danger.

then i just ran in and tackled to of them to the ground and started going berserk. aparently i could free the girl from the guys but she was so shocked that she just couldnt get up and/or run away.

the second when the 4 guys got up and surrounded now the two of us was the second when i though "oh [censored]". (i laugh now thinking back, since i am still alive.... but then.. :S)

i just thought that i would have to attack them and not letting them attack me (i would stand no chance if 2 would grap me and 2 would hold me)

aparently i grapped the biggest guy and started head butting him and giving him some nice low kicks (i rly thanked my muay thai teacher 2day) and keeping my hands up all the time for defense.

aperently my "wild" and "aggressive" behaivour stunned the other guys and say saw how quick and accurate i was elbowing and punching and kicking around me. this probably saved me.

my friends came just a moment later (even though i didnt tell them but okay.. iw ould do the same for them) and fell over the other 3. we didnt beat them up anymore. jsut made sure they had no knives or anything with them. there is no need to beat them up if we are 25 ppl and they 4.

the police arrived a few minutes later (always late... t.t)

the girl is okay. but the has a scar now in her face. she´ll also get some psychological assistance now.

the boy slapping her (the ones face i cracked) was apreently her ex-bf. she quitted on him and he couldnt deal with it. him and his friends waited for her in front of her house and he asked her to be with him again. she said no and this was his reactions. come on ppl... what the F***?!?!?!

i am mostly fine. my body and my face have some blueish/black spots and my jaw hurts like hell (i took a few punches). but i am okay.

its weird that we´re living in the year 2008 and sh1t like this still happens..

i just hope the girl get well soon.

the boys now have to deal with the curt..
do what you say and say what you do no pain no gain