Felt like sharing a story. Me my missus and best mate were out at surfers paradise clubbing friday night, and we were sitting down eating when some drunk idiot came up to us and started hitting on my girlfriend, so I told him I was with her. Anyway he just told me he didnt give a ****, and that he would kick our asses if we did anything. anyway, I stood up and told him to get f***ed, to which he pulled out a knife and started threatening all of us. anyways my mate smashed the bottle he had and told the bloke to [censored] off, to which he ran away.

anyways we finished eating and walked outside about half an hour later, and about 6 guys, including the knife dude started walking towards us and throwing bottles and calling us [censored] and stuff, so we went back inside and called our mates up to get us.
anyways our mates get there and got us, and we went outside to sort the guys out. as soon as they saw there was more of us than them they ran down the street like greased lightning.

I dont know what the morale of the story is, but that sort of thing really gives me the f**ing sh*ts
im considering buying a huge knife to take around with me, its illegal but you almost need it these days.

anyone else got any stories like that? or comments?