A bit of backstory before i begin this log.

Sometime around november of 07 i had a car accident. It was raining and as i was driving onto a freeway on ramp, my car started hydroplaining and i was slowly slipping towards the guard rail so i panicked and slammed on the brakes. Doing so caused the car to spin around and smash front first onto the guard rail and continue spinning out onto the ditch on the side.

Didn't suffer any cut or bruises. just a neck wiplash and lower back pain.

The neck pain went away but the backpain did not. I had to stop doing martial arts for a bit and lost my conditioning and gained weight. i weigh 30 more pounds than i used to and can't last much cardio.

The first doctor told me that i'll just have to live with the pain and work out the muscles in that area.

Then later on i went to see another doctor who told me to go to physical therapy, prior to the MRI i wanted to request, for a while which didn't do anything. my lower back isn't limited to any movements it just hurts all the time. It becomes sore if i do twisting motions like roundhouse house kicks and the like.

Well, my insurance expired a while back so i could no longer go to the physical therapist and now i have to wait till june to have my insurance back again. When i do first thing will be to get an MRI and see why my pain has been reocurring and whether or not i should opt for surgery.

As of now I've resorted to seeing a chiropractor and am trying to follow the advice that the doctor gave me before i stopped seeing him. "Stretch everyday and work out your lower back until you slowly recover."

I've been doing that while seeing the chiropractor once a week and am slowly recovering from the pain. It now comes and goes depending if i slept wrong or if i exercised too much the day before.

This log here is to mark my recovery process as i slowly get back to my old routine of doing martial arts nad working out about 3 hours a day like i used to.

So far i've been doing Judo Tuesdays and fridays 7-9pm and Wing Chun tuesdays and thursdays 9-10:30pm

I workout my core and some light cardio at the gym i work at on mondays, wednesdays, saturdays and sundays for about 30 minutes on those days. Hopefully this log will help keep me motivated to continue my slow progress towards recovery.
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