are you ever going to get around to answering any of the question you've been asked? like what drills you practice based on the kata? you seem to have all kinds of ways to defeat dan's students based on your observations on the kumite he posted. how is any one getting on your case here by the way? your asking every one questions, and you never answer when your asked them back?

im only asking because you respond to zach even though you said you had both him and myself on ignore, and you seem to respond to zach, but not me?

so please, don't respond to my posts unless you plan to answer what drills you practice (seems you have opinions on all of them, weather or not, and how you spar (you seem to comment on the "weakness" and "openings" found in other's kumite).

failure to respond to the questions asked, AND ONLY THE QUESTIONS ASKED, means you are in fact a douche bag, or i'm still on your ignore list. either or will be acceptable.

and while your at it, fill out some more of your bio please, other than the anime...i mean martial arts you practice.
its not supposed to make sense