Zack. Polite request.
How about you get off my case in a personal manner?. Have you heard of PM?
My back ground in goju or indeed in karate is my affair.
If it is something to do with the topic or something I wrote technical then fine. Comment away.
If you would like to prove something then as I said lets hear it about the kata content other wise stay away from the personal stuff.


YOU are asking for people to get off your caseand stay on topic? LMFAO!!!


I've seen your video's on youtube,but no bunkai without passivity. IMO the short frame you posted earlier was very passive because both knew exactly what to do.

It is my opinion that the bunkai I know cannot be done against full resistance without serious injury to the uke.

BTW, I likw your website and your work. Thanks for your contributions to karate.
The2nd ammendment, it makes all the others possible. <///<